Monthly Archives: October 2007

And Life rolls along!!!


Well, it’s Monday again!  Seems to come around so damn quick these days. 

It was nice to catch up with my sisters last week, went over and visited Mel and Nic and caught up with the kids and goss…it’s been a while!  Cayden had a ball, left saying “Can we come back tomorrow?”  Emma was a good little girl and actually had a nap, which was handy over lunch!

I’ve been too scared to say anything in case I jinx myself, but I think I’m almost safe now, so…Emma’s sleeping through the night!  WOOHOO!  Those that know me, know that I NEED my sleep!  We wake her up for a feed at 10pm and then she usually sleeps till 6am…which is heaven after the 3 or 4 am feed call and numerous dummy calls!  Weaning her seems to have been the answer…she is coping fine.  Weaned off the boob in about a week and has taken to bottles without any hassles…and thankfully I’m OK as well as I was really worried about getting mastitis with how quickly she was weaning herself!


On the mend!


Well, it seems the back is on the mend…thank god!  Thank god for a good massuer!

I went to Paperific on Friday…it was good, but a bit crowded and next to impossible to get in the stalls…it would have been better mid afternoon when the crowds eased.  I bought a carrier for Emma…she was SO good, didn’t hear a peap from her and she charmed everyone that she met!  I didn’t spend much money as it was too hard to get in to actually spend it!  Plus i’ve just bought a heap of books from the states that are hopefully flying their way over soon…so had to be a bit good!

Saturday and Sunday we had kids parties that Cayden attended…he loved both of them!  When asked what was the best bit, the slide had it at Maya’s party and the racing car game and ice-cream cake had it at Olivers!  Also did some clothes shopping for Emma…she’s starting to move into 00 sizes, so needed to get some as i didn’t have many.  It’s so hard to get little girls clothes that aren’t PINK!

Took some more photos, naturally as well as getting some LO’s done…thought i’d share a few!


Laid Up!


Well, I’m laid up on the couch at the  moment and not really able to move that much!  I’ve done my back in and have limited mobility without being in a lot of pain.  I went to see the physio about my sore foot and was flat on the table (which i should know better then to do…but just never thought), went to get up and couldn’t move!  I thought that my back would loosen up after getting up and about…but it seems NO, it doesn’t want to!  So I called Darren to come home and look after his injured wife, a call to a friend to pick Cayden up and take him to kinder and then put Em down to sleep and then some time on the couch…where i still am some 3 hours later!  Hopefully it will get better soon…I’ve got a craft fair to go to on Friday!

The Weekend catchup


We’ve had a good weekend, caught up with Steve & Cheryl to watch Bathurst and just have a good chat!  I haven’t sat down and watched Bathurst for years, it was a bit of fun actually!  The kids played well (most of the time!) and actually gave us adults a chance to talk, and little Em was a good girl and slept for almost 3 hrs…always good!

Saturday we went over to Collingwood and went to a golf store that was having a great sale so we also had a look at the factory shops…was able to pick up 2 dresses from Table Eight for $20 each…god i love a bargin!  Darren also picked up some french cuffed shirts from Glo-Weave for $20 each…so he was rather chuffed!  Got to start remembering to go to the outlet places when we need clothes, it is so much cheaper.

Today Cayden is off playing with Jackson, so i pick him up later this afternoon and take him over to Nanny’s and Poppy’s whilst Em and I go to the Dr’s.  The rest of the day is my own…woohoo.  I’ll do a quick clean up and then i might actually sit down and scrap ~ you just never know your luck!

I took some photos of little Em last week, so i thought i might share!  They’ve come out a bit dark…didn’t have the right setting on my camera!  Have tried to lighten it up, but it’s not worked too well i’m afraid!!!

Another day…another 50cents


It’s been an interesting 24 hrs! Little Em has decided that she doesn’t really want the boob anymore as she has to work to get milk out! It’s a vicious circle, she won’t drink as there isn’t enough milk to get milk immediately so i can’t get my milk supply up by getting her to feed more often. Can’t express, so can’t do it that way…so it looks like we are starting to wean her! I would have started weaning at 6 mths anyway, so it’s just a bit earlier then expected! Em is also getting over a cold that we’ve all had and she is really snuffly…poor little mite! Lets hope we can all get a good nights sleep tonight. 🙂

5:30 in the damn morning!


Am i impressed…NO!  Emma decided that it was feed time about 4:30 this morning, so up i get give her the boob and then settle her back down to go back to sleep.   No way was she going back to sleep thank you very much!  So here i am at this ungodly hour of the morning holding a cup of tea and letting little miss have a play on her play gym.  She’s happy as larry, gooing and garing at her toys and i’m feeling decidedly grumpy.  Who ever said that this was the best time of the day needs their head read.  Can you tell i’m not a morning person?  I’m also only operating on 5 hrs sleep…i need at least 3 more.  On that grumpy note i’ll leave you all!