5:30 in the damn morning!


Am i impressed…NO!  Emma decided that it was feed time about 4:30 this morning, so up i get give her the boob and then settle her back down to go back to sleep.   No way was she going back to sleep thank you very much!  So here i am at this ungodly hour of the morning holding a cup of tea and letting little miss have a play on her play gym.  She’s happy as larry, gooing and garing at her toys and i’m feeling decidedly grumpy.  Who ever said that this was the best time of the day needs their head read.  Can you tell i’m not a morning person?  I’m also only operating on 5 hrs sleep…i need at least 3 more.  On that grumpy note i’ll leave you all!


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  1. I feel for you…grin and i know just how you are after only 5 hours of sleep. Believe me it gets better……in about 20 years..lol

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