Another day…another 50cents


It’s been an interesting 24 hrs! Little Em has decided that she doesn’t really want the boob anymore as she has to work to get milk out! It’s a vicious circle, she won’t drink as there isn’t enough milk to get milk immediately so i can’t get my milk supply up by getting her to feed more often. Can’t express, so can’t do it that way…so it looks like we are starting to wean her! I would have started weaning at 6 mths anyway, so it’s just a bit earlier then expected! Em is also getting over a cold that we’ve all had and she is really snuffly…poor little mite! Lets hope we can all get a good nights sleep tonight. 🙂


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  1. Good luck with the weeaning Cathy, I still remember when Will kept pushing my boobs back I was so disappointed….I hope Em’s had a better nights sleep!

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