The Weekend catchup


We’ve had a good weekend, caught up with Steve & Cheryl to watch Bathurst and just have a good chat!  I haven’t sat down and watched Bathurst for years, it was a bit of fun actually!  The kids played well (most of the time!) and actually gave us adults a chance to talk, and little Em was a good girl and slept for almost 3 hrs…always good!

Saturday we went over to Collingwood and went to a golf store that was having a great sale so we also had a look at the factory shops…was able to pick up 2 dresses from Table Eight for $20 each…god i love a bargin!  Darren also picked up some french cuffed shirts from Glo-Weave for $20 each…so he was rather chuffed!  Got to start remembering to go to the outlet places when we need clothes, it is so much cheaper.

Today Cayden is off playing with Jackson, so i pick him up later this afternoon and take him over to Nanny’s and Poppy’s whilst Em and I go to the Dr’s.  The rest of the day is my own…woohoo.  I’ll do a quick clean up and then i might actually sit down and scrap ~ you just never know your luck!

I took some photos of little Em last week, so i thought i might share!  They’ve come out a bit dark…didn’t have the right setting on my camera!  Have tried to lighten it up, but it’s not worked too well i’m afraid!!!


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  1. what a spunky little bubba!!! She is gorgeous Cathy, even if she does wake you up at ungodly hours of the morning!!! Nice to *see* you!

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