Laid Up!


Well, I’m laid up on the couch at the  moment and not really able to move that much!  I’ve done my back in and have limited mobility without being in a lot of pain.  I went to see the physio about my sore foot and was flat on the table (which i should know better then to do…but just never thought), went to get up and couldn’t move!  I thought that my back would loosen up after getting up and about…but it seems NO, it doesn’t want to!  So I called Darren to come home and look after his injured wife, a call to a friend to pick Cayden up and take him to kinder and then put Em down to sleep and then some time on the couch…where i still am some 3 hours later!  Hopefully it will get better soon…I’ve got a craft fair to go to on Friday!


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