On the mend!


Well, it seems the back is on the mend…thank god!  Thank god for a good massuer!

I went to Paperific on Friday…it was good, but a bit crowded and next to impossible to get in the stalls…it would have been better mid afternoon when the crowds eased.  I bought a carrier for Emma…she was SO good, didn’t hear a peap from her and she charmed everyone that she met!  I didn’t spend much money as it was too hard to get in to actually spend it!  Plus i’ve just bought a heap of books from the states that are hopefully flying their way over soon…so had to be a bit good!

Saturday and Sunday we had kids parties that Cayden attended…he loved both of them!  When asked what was the best bit, the slide had it at Maya’s party and the racing car game and ice-cream cake had it at Olivers!  Also did some clothes shopping for Emma…she’s starting to move into 00 sizes, so needed to get some as i didn’t have many.  It’s so hard to get little girls clothes that aren’t PINK!

Took some more photos, naturally as well as getting some LO’s done…thought i’d share a few!



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