And Life rolls along!!!


Well, it’s Monday again!  Seems to come around so damn quick these days. 

It was nice to catch up with my sisters last week, went over and visited Mel and Nic and caught up with the kids and goss…it’s been a while!  Cayden had a ball, left saying “Can we come back tomorrow?”  Emma was a good little girl and actually had a nap, which was handy over lunch!

I’ve been too scared to say anything in case I jinx myself, but I think I’m almost safe now, so…Emma’s sleeping through the night!  WOOHOO!  Those that know me, know that I NEED my sleep!  We wake her up for a feed at 10pm and then she usually sleeps till 6am…which is heaven after the 3 or 4 am feed call and numerous dummy calls!  Weaning her seems to have been the answer…she is coping fine.  Weaned off the boob in about a week and has taken to bottles without any hassles…and thankfully I’m OK as well as I was really worried about getting mastitis with how quickly she was weaning herself!


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  1. Gosh I’m just catching up with this and its almost Monday again! Hope you’ve been enjoying longer sleeps all week and that it continues!

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