I am still alive!


Yes, I know…I’m slack and haven’t written an entry for eons!  What’s my excuse?  Time poor!  It is a very busy time of year which I’m sure you all suffer from.  Have to get the presents, the food, go to all the party’s, catch up with friends before Christmas…all for ONE day!  Don’t get me wrong, i love Christmas, but man i hate the lead up to it!

Well, I’ve got all the presents done, have caught up with all the friends that i can before the big day and all i have to cook now is a ham and a Christmas pud and then I’m done.  Just because i thought i was on top of it all, last weekend we decided to buy a house and some land!

Yep, we are moving!  Not far though…we are moving to Wyndham Waters (cnr of Sayers Rd & Forsyth Rd) and building a house from Porter Davis Builders.  Woohoo…so excited, but unfortunately we won’t be moving until around this time next year!  The land hasn’t been titled yet, so that’s meant to happen around June ’08 and then it’s 20 weeks from July, Porter Davis guarantee a 20 week build, so that puts us around end of November mid December.

For those interested…here is the plan for our place:


Well that’s my news for a little bit, I’ll try to be a bit more regular!!!  I did say TRY!


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  1. Glad you finally had time to update, I almost was going to look and then did. So know where you are coming from on the build up and time! What exciting news about the new HOUSE…..looks great….talk to you soon:)

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