Monthly Archives: January 2008

Holidays are nearly finished…


…and yet we still have so much to get done and organised before the first day of school!  Can’t believe my baby boy is old enough to go to school.  He’s certainly ready…has been for the past 6 mths i think!  We bought his lunch box today…talk about funny.  He had to carry it home from the shops and then he proceeded to show Emma how it worked and then he asked me for a drink in his new drink bottle, which i gave him, he then asked if he could have his tea in his new lunch box!  Then Daddy arrived home…before Darren had even had a chance to step out of the car, Cayden was out there showing Daddy his new lunch box for school…I think he is a tad excited!
We received Cayden’s class details to day,  He is going to be in a prep/Grade 1 composite class with 20 students in the class…so we are happy with that. 

Other news…we are starting to get busy with details of our new home.  We have a visit with the interior designers in a few weeks to decide of fixture & fittings, colours and designs…so that should be FUN! (hopefully can be completed without any arguments!)  We are going to the design place this weekend to find out what is standard and what is included in our package and then see how much extra the extras are! 

OK…time for bed, goodnight!