School starts!


Well Cayden started school and just hasn’t looked back!  He was very keen to get going on his first day, didn’t have any nerves and certainly no tears (can’t be said the same for Mum, although not lots!).  Cayden has been placed in a composite class with grade 1 and has a lovely teacher whom he is getting along with.  He is making friends and fitting into school life just swell!  Doesn’t he just look too cute in his huge uniform!


Also have to brag a bit…my big boy got called up in assembly on Monday to be awarded Student Of The Week for being a friendly and co-operative student.  Couldn’t be prouder!

I’ll try to be better and try and blog a little bit more often!!!


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  1. Way to go Cayden! Glad to hear you are enjoying school and doing well too! Hey Mum must be quiet at home without the noise maker at home…I bet Emma is missing him, how about you mum?

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