Choices! Choices….toooo many choices!


Yesterday we chose the colours for our house…from the bricks to the carpet.  Its all very exciting!  We are going to be having brown brick, gunmetal grey roof, wood front door and a light brown garage roller door.  (Just reading over that it sounds terrible, but it really works nicely together!)  Inside we are having dark chocolate brown carpets, wood look laminate kitchen, a quartz bench top, and the walls throughout the house will be a colour called Turkish bread!  Monday we choose the tiles for the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry, so that will be cool too.  It’s all coming together…now we just have to wait until July to start building!  The wait is going to kill me as i am not the most patient person in the world!!!

On to other things…our little girl is almost 9 mths…9mths on Monday!  It’s hard to believe how time flies past so damn quickly.  She is commando crawling everywhere and into everything that isn’t nailed down!  She occasionally gets on her knees as if to do a traditional crawl, has a bit of a rock and then her knees go out from underneath her and she gets around on her belly!!  Have to be a bit wise as to what i dress her in at the moment otherwise the neck of her top ends up down around her tummy and she actually crawled out of her pants the other day!!!  She is very interactive now and screams very well…especially if she wants your attention or she is calling for Cayden, the cat or the dogs!

Today we are filling our freezer!  We have bought our-self a hind quarter of beef and 1/2 a lamb at $6.50 a kilo…good value when steak is up around the $14.00 per kilo mark.  I’ve also been busy and making sauce, stocking up for the year!  Need to get another case of tomatoes and do some more…then i don’t want to see another tomato until next year!

Anyway, had better go and feed the kids and get going for the day…I’ve a massage booked in for this afternoon which i can’t wait for!  Have a good Saturday!


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