2 teeth and a wave!


Teeth are finally showing themselves!  Not only 1, but two at the same time, no wonder she has been a tad cranky!!!  They’ve not cut fully yet, but you can certainly see them!  I thought there was something going on today, she’s got a fairly nasty nappy rash, has a slight rash around one ear, she’s been pulling at her ears and generally pretty cranky (well cranky for Emma!) so wasn’t at all surprised to see two white shadows under her gums.  You can see her teeth about to cut in this photo!

img_8541.jpg  That look just screams mischief!

AND, she’s learnt to wave…it’s too cute!  Nanny was pretty happy that she was the first to see it…and since then she has been showing off her new skill to perfection.  Will have to take some photos to show!


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