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Hmmmm, this is new to me, so bear with me!

Shirley tagged me

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OK – here are my seven random facts about ME . . .

1. I grew up on a dairy farm in a little district called Hallora.  We ran 250 head of jersey cows and i was principally responsible for feeding the calves!

2. I started to learn how to cook when i was as young as 8, putting the veggies on and peeling the potatos.  I cooked my first cake at 12 i think and it was a packet mix!

3.  Blew up the kitchen at the farm when i was 13 when i lit the oven to make a cake.  The oven chamber had filled up with gas and i didn’t realise and went to put a match to it to light it.  The roof lifted by about 10cm and i ended up singing my eyebrows, my hair and the hair on my arms.  I don’t think Mum & Dad have ever moved so fast!!!  Thankfully i wasn’t injured, but it could have so easily been a different story.

4. I lived in Queensland for 18mths with my parents in 1980.  My parents renovated an old school bus into a motorhome and we travelled around in that.  We lived in Proserpine (near Airlie Beach) for most of that time.

5. I’ve circumnavigated and travelled through the middle of  Australia with a few exceptions.  I’ve not been to the bottom of WA and i’ve not been to Cape York…most others i’ve been too.

6. I worked for 10 years at the Westpac Bank…in fact that was my first job ever!

7. I was never going to have children…mmmm, glad i didn’t keep that promise!

OK…now to tag some people.


That will do…don’t know to many other bloggers!  Have fun everyone! Hehehehe


Long Weekend!


Oh it’s nice to have a bit of a break.  We’ve been particularly busy lately, with getting the house selections done, little girl in the middle of changing her sleeping habits, big boy getting organised with school life and Darren being away a fair bit over the last month, it’s been busy.

We’re not doing much at all this long weekend…did a few odd jobs this morning, going to the Bayside festival in Altona tomorrow and watching the parade, some of Cayden’s kinder friends are going to be in it, the possibility of parents dropping in for tea and then Monday is a FREE day!

I’ve booked an extra long weekend down at Warnambool during the 2nd week of the school holidays…really looking forward to getting away for a little bit…seems like forever since we’ve been on a holiday and i’m feeling decidely shut in!  It will be a nice break.

I’ve finally figured out well lets not get too carried away…have at least work out how to use photoshop elements!  I’ve had the program since this time last year and have only just been able to get my head around what i’m suppose to do!!  So here are my two attempts at digi scrapping…be nice they are only VERY basic and i’m just learning!!!

first-scrapbook-page.jpg  suds-up.jpg

So that’s my efforts!!!  Hopefully i’ll get better as time goes on!!!  I find it hard though, much prefer hands on paper and my other goodies, so i don’t think i’ll be permanently going to digi scrapping, but it does have it’s advantages.

Emma has learnt to clap and wave properly  and those teeth still haven’t cut…much to her annoyance…and mine!

Anyway, have a good long weekend!