Monthly Archives: April 2008

She’s standing!


Boy this girl is growing up too darn fast!  We found her yesterday standing up in her cot, looking incredibly proud of herself!  She has since pulled herself up on the chairs, my hands…anything that she things she can have a go at basically…so very proud!



Anzac Day


Oh i always find this day very hard, so emotional.

My granddad fought in WWll and was stationed in the Middle East, he was sent home with Malaria,  I’m sure he wouldn’t have been happy about it.  I believe he put his age down to enable him to go…and Mum tells me that he didn’t really like to talk about his time there, not that we can imagine the atrocities these men and boys went through.

Unfortunately i never met Granddad…something i regret immensely.  However i feel incredibly close to him and find the Anzac Day memorials is my day to remember him.  So it is to him and all of our fallen heroes and our currently serving men and woman that my thoughts go out today.

May one day we find peace.

SOOOO Tired!


I’m just about asleep on my feet today, so exhausted!  I should be off to bed right now to try and catch up on some much needed Z’s…BUT, one child is still awake, and Darren is not expected home until later, so he’ll want to talk…geez i do hope i get to bed at a decent hour tonight!

I’m teaching a class at scrappit tomorrow morning for Mothers Day cards, so that will be fun; here is a few examples of what we’ll be doing,


Getting there!


Well it’s been a hard weekend but we are slowly getting use to the fact that Aussie isn’t around anymore.  Although i still expect him to trot around the corner when i’m hanging out the washing!  Tonks (our other dog) is finding it hard as she has never been by herself before, always had Aussie as company, so we have to make sure we include her as well.

I walked Cayden to school this morning, much to his disgust!  It takes TOOO long Mum!  Had the house clean before i left as was expecting a friend to drop around for a chat and scrap, but her daughter has come down with a bad cold, so she wasn’t able to come around.  So, i’ve ironed, about to put out a load of washing and then i might just find some time to sit and scrap well until Emma wakes up!

I’ve been doing the weekly challenges for Scrappit this weeks one was to scraplift an idea.  I chose to lift the a LO about the connection the kids share.  Was really pleased how it turned out actually, it’s not very embellished, but i really wanted to focus on the photo and journalling. 

Oh and I’ve also uploaded some new LO’s in my LO page.

It’s a Sad Day


Today we had to put down our puppy (well he was a dog, but always our puppy).  Aussie was 12 which is a good age for Sheppards and had lived a very happy and good life.  He had a blockage in his spinal column and it was affecting the way his legs work, he was off his food and it just wasn’t kind to let him go through any further pain.  So we made the horrible decision to put him down.

We plan to plant a tree in his honour at our new home so that his memory and spirit will always be with us.  It is hard not to be upset, but i know we gave Aussie the best life we could, it’s just hard to see your first fur baby pass away.  We had thought he wouldn’t get through this year, he really suffered through this past summer and the last few weeks have been really hard on him.  He is in a much better place.

RIP Aussie, you will remain in our hearts forever.

A better day today ~ thankfully!


Oh yesterday was hell on wheels, thankfully today was so much better!  Emma is at that real clingy stage and man it wears you out.  Yesterday i couldn’t put her down without her crying, so she sat with me and on me ALL day, i was certainly exhausted last night.

In contrast today, she’s been a happy bub, crawling around after me and getting up to mischief!  Daylight savings has been hard on her, although today she went to sleep at 11:30am and slept for almost 2 hrs, so that was considerably better than the past few days.  Plus i’ve been able to get a few things done today, makes such a difference to your state of mind when you can.

Cayden had Aus Kick on Sunday…oh man did he have the best time!  He was so excited about going and just loved it!  I think Dad might have thought it was pretty good too!

Thought it was time to share some photos.  The first one is of Cayden singing at the Easter school assembly singing Little Rabit Foofoo!!!

 Little Rabbit Foofoo

This one is of emma at Easter.

Wow, what a weekend!


It’s been a busy one.  Went to a all day class on scrapping on Saturday and had an absolute blast.  Worked my arse off i might add. 3 LO’s and 4 cards all in the space of 6 hours…that’s good going even for me!  Darren got to look after the kids for the whole day and thankfully they were good for him and then we changed over and Darren went out for tea to celebrate his Dad’s 60th birthday whilst i got the kids into bed and then colapsed in front of the TV to veg out for a while!

Today i went down to the kinder and did some work for the working bee and then we went into the Melbourne Garden Show to see if we could get some ideas on landscape and elements that we can put into our new house.

Back to school tomorrow..YAY!  Get back into some routine which will be very nice!  Well better go and do some cleaning up!