A better day today ~ thankfully!


Oh yesterday was hell on wheels, thankfully today was so much better!  Emma is at that real clingy stage and man it wears you out.  Yesterday i couldn’t put her down without her crying, so she sat with me and on me ALL day, i was certainly exhausted last night.

In contrast today, she’s been a happy bub, crawling around after me and getting up to mischief!  Daylight savings has been hard on her, although today she went to sleep at 11:30am and slept for almost 2 hrs, so that was considerably better than the past few days.  Plus i’ve been able to get a few things done today, makes such a difference to your state of mind when you can.

Cayden had Aus Kick on Sunday…oh man did he have the best time!  He was so excited about going and just loved it!  I think Dad might have thought it was pretty good too!

Thought it was time to share some photos.  The first one is of Cayden singing at the Easter school assembly singing Little Rabit Foofoo!!!

 Little Rabbit Foofoo

This one is of emma at Easter.


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  1. Gosh how quick those kids are growing up…..so don’t miss those clingy days….way to go Cayden with AUSKICK! Love the Easter Bonnet pic! Looking forward to catching up with you SOON……not long now:))))

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