It’s a Sad Day


Today we had to put down our puppy (well he was a dog, but always our puppy).  Aussie was 12 which is a good age for Sheppards and had lived a very happy and good life.  He had a blockage in his spinal column and it was affecting the way his legs work, he was off his food and it just wasn’t kind to let him go through any further pain.  So we made the horrible decision to put him down.

We plan to plant a tree in his honour at our new home so that his memory and spirit will always be with us.  It is hard not to be upset, but i know we gave Aussie the best life we could, it’s just hard to see your first fur baby pass away.  We had thought he wouldn’t get through this year, he really suffered through this past summer and the last few weeks have been really hard on him.  He is in a much better place.

RIP Aussie, you will remain in our hearts forever.


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  1. Hugs Cathy, I will miss him barking when I arrive! I love the idea of the tree, a great reminder. Dogs are such special animals in our lives.

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