Getting there!


Well it’s been a hard weekend but we are slowly getting use to the fact that Aussie isn’t around anymore.  Although i still expect him to trot around the corner when i’m hanging out the washing!  Tonks (our other dog) is finding it hard as she has never been by herself before, always had Aussie as company, so we have to make sure we include her as well.

I walked Cayden to school this morning, much to his disgust!  It takes TOOO long Mum!  Had the house clean before i left as was expecting a friend to drop around for a chat and scrap, but her daughter has come down with a bad cold, so she wasn’t able to come around.  So, i’ve ironed, about to put out a load of washing and then i might just find some time to sit and scrap well until Emma wakes up!

I’ve been doing the weekly challenges for Scrappit this weeks one was to scraplift an idea.  I chose to lift the a LO about the connection the kids share.  Was really pleased how it turned out actually, it’s not very embellished, but i really wanted to focus on the photo and journalling. 

Oh and I’ve also uploaded some new LO’s in my LO page.


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