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I saw Dr Randy Pausch on Oprah yesterday and i have to say his last speech was inspirational.  I don’t know if i would be that strong faced with the knowledge that i was going to die.  Something he said was a real comfort for me…it was when he was talking about his football coach and how he use to ride him all the time and that he did this because he cared.  With the happenings with my PIL this statement really helped me immensely…i do love my child and i discipline him so he has the hope of becoming a good man.

For those interested here is the link…don’t know how to embed the whole thing in my blog!



Don’t you hate colds?!


I’m over Emma and her cold right at the moment, she is grumpy, tired, grizzley and generally doesn’t know what she wants.  She is currently screaming at my feet and yet when i pick her up all she wants to do is get down!  She’s not hungry because i just fed her, but she is tired…have to stretch her out a bit before bedtime or she will wake far too early tomorrow morning!

God i hope she is feeling better in the morning…she is REALLY testing my patience right now!

Getting back into it!


Wow, it’s certainly been an emotional and stressful couple of weeks!  Don’t really want to go into too much detail other then say that we’ve had a “disagreement” with the parents in law!  Needless to say things are a little strained to say the very least!

I also resigned as secretary of the kinder, due to a very stressful situation there that i just don’t need in my life.

So it’s onward and upward, it really can only get better from here!

Darren and I had a much needed weekend away on the weekend just past.  We went and stayed at the Parkview on St Kilda Rd in the city.  We went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie, was really good actually. Also went to the Vic market for a look around, bought myself a new handbag and purse…good day!


Happy Birthday Emma!


It was Emma’s first birthday on Sunday.  Wow, where has the time gone, it seems to have flown by, amazing!  Our little girl is doing so well, she is crawling (fast!), standing up, taking a few step (with lots of help), talking – bye, bye, Mama, Dada and puss and is learning so fast it is not funny!

Some photos! 

Emma 1mth old

Emma 1 year old



What a weekend!


Yes, I know it’s now Tuesday, but I’m still recovering from the weekend!

I was surfing the net last week and thought I’d have a look at how our contract stuff was going with Porter Davis and noticed that they had a new display village opening up on the weekend and the Francis was one of the homes on display, so suggested to Darren that we go have a sticky.  So we did on Saturday morning, kids in tow, had a look through and Darren suggested we check out the double story next door just for laughs!  Famous last words…walked into that home and LOVED it!  I want this home, but it’s huge!  41 sqs, but they do have a 34 sq home in the same design.  So we have a walk through with the agent, he explaining extras and prices etc and the base price.  We left and had a bit of a think about it, work out the pros and cons and then went back Sunday minus kids to have a real good look and make sure this is definitely what we want.  Well, it looks like we are getting ourselves a double story house!  For those interested here is the link;

So it’s been one hell of a weekend!  Happy belated Mothers Day to all the Mums out there!

Sick Kids


I have two kids that are battling colds at the moment.  Both have really bad coughs, have to be really careful with Cayden that it doesn’t develop into asthma….and poor little Emma sounds like a seal!  Taking her off to the Dr’s today as the cough sounds really bad, will see if they can do something for her.  Emma actually fell asleep on my shoulder this morning at 8:30am, so she is definitely not well.

Still trying to catch up from the weekend, still have heaps of washing to do, doesn’t help with the weather, but we’ll get there!  Anyway, better go do some cleaning.

Back from the Dr’s…Emma is OK, it is just a viral infection, and the cough will take a little time to go.  Poor little poppet is asleep again, best place for her right now.

I’m baaaacccccckkkkk!


What a brilliant weekend!  We were looked after SO well, the food was amazing and plentiful, the scraproom was comfortable as were the chairs and the actual units were lovely!  The company was great and the conversation was plentiful and funny!  I was able to get 11 LO’s done, so was very happy with that considering i had only done 22 LO’s so far this year, so now i’m up to 33 LO’s!  So a 50% increase over the weekend!

Now back to everyday life!!!  Lots of washing and cleaning happening today.  The kids were good for Darren so that was a relief…maybe i can get another weekend later in the year off!