10 Questions – Tagged again!


I’ve been tagged by Shirley, so here are my answers;

  1. Last music you listened to:  Robbie Williams
  2. Last thing you watched on TV: Dr Phil!
  3. Last movie you saw: Horton Hears a Who
  4. Last book you read: Book? Haven’t read anything decent in a while…really need to sit down and read the last Harry Potter book!
  5. Last person you spoke to: Darren
  6. Last thing you ate: Chicken & Mushroom Pasta
  7. Last time you laughed: About 1 hour
  8. Last place you visited: Warrnambool – family getaway
  9. Last website you visited: www.simplesavings.com.au
  10. Last thing you scrapped/crafted: A challenge for Scrappit (will share soon!)

Thanks Shirley…that was a bit of fun.



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