What a weekend!


Yes, I know it’s now Tuesday, but I’m still recovering from the weekend!

I was surfing the net last week and thought I’d have a look at how our contract stuff was going with Porter Davis and noticed that they had a new display village opening up on the weekend and the Francis was one of the homes on display, so suggested to Darren that we go have a sticky.  So we did on Saturday morning, kids in tow, had a look through and Darren suggested we check out the double story next door just for laughs!  Famous last words…walked into that home and LOVED it!  I want this home, but it’s huge!  41 sqs, but they do have a 34 sq home in the same design.  So we have a walk through with the agent, he explaining extras and prices etc and the base price.  We left and had a bit of a think about it, work out the pros and cons and then went back Sunday minus kids to have a real good look and make sure this is definitely what we want.  Well, it looks like we are getting ourselves a double story house!  For those interested here is the link; http://www.porterdavis.com.au/content/Houses/Marina/Floorplans/marina34.pdf

So it’s been one hell of a weekend!  Happy belated Mothers Day to all the Mums out there!


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