Getting organised.


Last night i sat down and started getting my butt organised!  I made a weekly cleaning list and also a yearly detailed cleaning list.  I also put down all the meals that we like so i can menu plan the month ahead and then draw up a shopping list for the month.  Hopefully this can then help us spend less…less time at the supermarket, less $ and less “what are we having for tea” moments!!!

Yesterday we went to Hopetoun Interiors and looked at some colour choices for the house…so much choice, to hard to choose!  We then went down to the display home and checked out our sample tiles and timber floor sample to see what we thought…quite happy with our choice actually.  Now…bring on the house! 

Today I’m heading down to Target, then the supermarket and then home to do some cleaning and washing…so a very “exciting” day ahead of me!!!  I might even pop into Scrappit and see Jan and spend some money! 


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  1. Oh I so need to do what you have done Cathy!! With both the cleaning AND the meal lists! You’ll have to keep us posted (he he) on how it goes and then maybe I will get off MY butt and do the same lolol
    I’m off to Target today too to get a Nintendo DS Prince Caspian game for M to go with the Nintendo DS he is getting for his birthday (that I got for free on Visa Points!!) Shhhhhhh dont tell Mitchell!!
    Jen H

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