Weekend’s here…woohoo


Well it’s Saturday morning and we have lots planned.  We are heading over to Richmond to look at a furniture for our new home.  The store has ex-display home furniture cheaply, so will be interesting to check that out and see how cheap or expensive it is.  I then have a few errands to run and i want to get some paint pots of the colours for the house to see if we really like them…i don’t want to be repainting anytime soon!

I’ve got Janine coming over for a chat and scrap tonight and i hope to scrap tomorrow afternoon whilst Darren is at the footy entertaining clients!  I actually scrapped last night too…Cayden’s 5th birthday party, almost ready for his 6th birthday, that’s scary!

So hope you all have a good weekend.



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  1. Thanks for a great night Cathy, I needed that! I hope I helped you a bit too. Enjoy the rest of the week before school holidays start:)

  2. Hi Hon,
    We used a dulux paing called Pearly gates…. and It looks great still. With Poter Davis… we were quoted like 500 bucks for each feture wall that we wanted doing. We asked for the names of the colours of the paints in the display home and they gave it to us. So we got a pot of paint for 30 bucks and saved Shed loads of cash. Just a tip if you were going to pay them to do any.
    Have fun picking all the colours and new furniture

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