Holidays…and other exciting facts!!!


Well we are back from Mum’s after 4 days.  I gave Cayden the day off school on Friday considering it was the last day anyway of school term and we headed up to Mum’s on Friday morning whilst Darren went off on his golfing weekend.  It was great catching up with Mum & Paul, it’s been a while since we actually stayed with them.  Saturday was spent scrapbook shopping (had to get my fix in!) and then in the afternoon Mum & I made pasties…..Mmmmm, yum! Sunday we headed down to the Ballarat farmers market and froze our t*ts off.  Oh man i haven’t felt that cold in a damn long time!  Needless to say we got some bread, some hats and then came home to a nice warm house and cooked up the roast lamb!  Darren arrived back after a very succesful weekend of golf and then we came home today in time to pick up Harley from the Vet University.

Harley has been a very sick little (well big really!) pussy cat.  The vet think he ate something poisonous Sunday week ago.  Monday, he was vomiting and couldn’t keep anything down.  I took him to the local vets on Tuesday and they kept him until Thursday and did some blood tests on him.  The tests revealed that his liver count was sky high at 2100 (should be between 19 – 100), they weren’t sure what was up so sent us down to the Vet Uni and he had an ultrasound which didn’t show up much more other then he didn’t have cancer!  So they kept him in under observation and gave him medicine so that he could eat and not vomit and he is now on antibiotics.  We have to take him back next week to do another blood test to check on his liver count which has slowly been coming back down.  Another expensive visit for our pussy cat!  A photo of Harley and his naked bits!

Darren has this week off, to spend some time with the family whilst Cayden has some holidays.  I think they are off to the movies tomorrow and I’m off to get my back massaged back into place.  Heaven!

Some photos of the Emma enjoying a bath at Mum’s!



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