Monthly Archives: July 2008

Schools back – YAY!


I ADORE school terms!!!!  It’s so nice to have some order back in our lives again!  Don’t get me wrong I love my little man to death, but sometimes it is really nice to see him skip of through the school gate!!!

We’ve had a fairly quite school holidays, we all caught the cold going around, so rested up whilst we could and got ready to go back to school healthy!

We had a funeral to attend yesterday, never an easy or particularly pleasant thing to do.  My step fathers Mum passed over.  It was a nice funeral (if there is such a thing!), lovely words said and we certainly remembered her spirit and her determination.  She is in a better place now, the ravages of alzheimer’s is not nice, so she is pain free now.  RIP Marj.

Today was catch up day…not that i got a lot done i’m afraid!  At least the washing is on the line and i have a bed full of clothes to fold and put away.  I did get the roses pruned and some weeds pulled.  My back is certainly telling me i’ve done some physical work!

Tomorrow i get to catch up with my friends…woohoo!


Week 29 – Journal an unexpected event


This week we had to journal an unexpected event…as many of you already know, I was never going to have children!  So that is what I chose to do my journalling about…so pleased I changed my mind!  The scan is not the best!

Week 28 – Document a day in your life


This week we had to document a day in our lives.  I decided to try doing a To Do List and also try an A4 size LO.  When i was at the Scrapanalia retreat Janine was showing us how she was also doing A4 size LO’s and then adding them to her normal 12×12 albms.  such a cool idea, i think she’s started something!!!  Thanks for the idea Janine.

Contract is signed!


Yes, finally, we have signed the contract for our new home!  We have plans for OUR house now, with all of our changes and requests.  Looks cool!!!  Now we just have to wait for the land to be ready and then we can start building.  We HOPE (but are not holding our breath!) that the land settles late August and then we can start building at the latest by October.  Have i mentioned before that I’m not a patient person!!!

The Clifford household has the damned cold AGAIN!…Not happy Jan!  Cayden started getting it on Sunday and then Emma got it a few days later and then Darren has come down with it on Thursday and now i can feel it descending. Less then impressed i can tell you!

Oh well, what will be, will be!