Week 28 – Document a day in your life


This week we had to document a day in our lives.  I decided to try doing a To Do List and also try an A4 size LO.  When i was at the Scrapanalia retreat Janine was showing us how she was also doing A4 size LO’s and then adding them to her normal 12×12 albms.  such a cool idea, i think she’s started something!!!  Thanks for the idea Janine.


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  1. OH HOW TRUE re the PC – I am exactly the same!! If it’s on then the housework doesnt get done! Sounds like you have had a nice holidays so far except for the cold/virus! Cool re the new house! We stopped off at Ballarat today on the way home and it was FREEZING!! Hope Harley is doing ok!
    Jen H

  2. Love the LO Cathy and I can’t take all the credit I got the original ideal from Ali Edwards who got it from someone else but happy to spread the word here in our little piece of the world.

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