Schools back – YAY!


I ADORE school terms!!!!  It’s so nice to have some order back in our lives again!  Don’t get me wrong I love my little man to death, but sometimes it is really nice to see him skip of through the school gate!!!

We’ve had a fairly quite school holidays, we all caught the cold going around, so rested up whilst we could and got ready to go back to school healthy!

We had a funeral to attend yesterday, never an easy or particularly pleasant thing to do.  My step fathers Mum passed over.  It was a nice funeral (if there is such a thing!), lovely words said and we certainly remembered her spirit and her determination.  She is in a better place now, the ravages of alzheimer’s is not nice, so she is pain free now.  RIP Marj.

Today was catch up day…not that i got a lot done i’m afraid!  At least the washing is on the line and i have a bed full of clothes to fold and put away.  I did get the roses pruned and some weeds pulled.  My back is certainly telling me i’ve done some physical work!

Tomorrow i get to catch up with my friends…woohoo!


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