What a shocker of a weekend!


Oh i am so over the kids being sick!  Cayden brings it home and it spreads through the rest of the family.  Emma has had a cold all weekend with a high temp, very lethargic and just wanted to be on Darren or myself ALL day!  It’s been a hard one!  She seems on the mend today, hopefully it will get better from now on.

Curriculum Day tomorrow for Cayden and then school photos on Wednesday, might even get his hair cut tomorrow if Emma is up for a walk tomorrow.

Now…for a bit of catch up;  We’ve recently learnt that the land for our house has been delayed AGAIN!  Looks like we won’t be able to settle until November, so i would say we probably won’t start the building process until Feb next year, which will put us in the house about August.  Here’s hoping that we can settle earlier!  At least we can see where our block is now…it has been pegged out and has the lot number on it!  It currently has a large mound of dirt and a large tractor tyre on it!

Cayden has started Mini Gators (Basketball) which he is really enjoying and has finished Auskick – much to his dismay!  I think he’ll be doing Auskick next year, judging by his enthusiasm!

That’s about it!


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