I hate house work!  I’m absolutely knackered!!!  Monday saw Mum helping out with the spring clean.  I so hate cleaning windows… and we have far too many windows in our place!  Bathrooms clean (i don’t think it’s ever been quite so sparkling!), the cobwebs are gone, counter tops cleaned, laundry is almost finished and the clothes are almost all washed!  Today the carpets were steamed cleaned… and boy did they need it.  So now we have a sparkling clean floor, damp, but clean.  Any idea how hard it is to keep two active kids off damp carpet?!

Just need to do some more boxing of stuff and clearing out some cupboards and that should be the end of the packing for a little while.  Saturday afternoon we do some moving of furniture to a friends place and that will see the de-clutter finished…YAY!  Then we need to get the kitchen bench top replaced and then we are right for photos, then the house is offically on the market!


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  1. Hey I hope your were able to keep those cherubs off the wet carpet…..I have been going to get ours done but that part turns me off….looking forward to seeing that new kitchen bench top when its done…but I do still like the old one with that lovely pattern work on it, maybe you should put IRON burn marks all over it and then you won’t need to replace it??? Just a thought:)

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