Monthly Archives: September 2008

Almost there!


Wow, what a day/week!  We had the agent (s) come through the house today to check it out!  We are having an open day on Saturday, add in the paper next week and the web hopefully by the weekend.  Here are some photos;


It’s here!


Today we had our new bench for the kitchen installed and we are VERY happy!  I was really worried that the colour wouldn’t match everything else, or that they would break some tiles when taking the old bench out, but it went so well.  Pleased with the result and makes the kitchen look really good.  The only thing that we will need to change is the door handles, they don’t quite work now!  So here is a photo of our new kitchen bench top…

We’ve been given our auction date – 11th October.  So it’s all systems go now, a tad scary!

The Bench is coming!


Woohoo, i just got off the phone to the cabinet maker who informed me that he has our bench ready to install.  So Monday morning is the day and time to get our kitchen bench done…then it is full steam ahead!  Photos, billboards and open days ahead!

Saturday we will have a major clean up outside to make sure that is looking it’s best and i’ve some cleaning to do inside also. Sunday we plan on having an easy day for Fathers Day (but will need to dismantle the kitchen – stove top and sink – in the afternoon), just as well we are having tea at the inlaws!

So Monday is THE DAY!  Watch for photos!

He’s 6 … when did that happen?


Oh man, as the saying goes, how time flys.  It really only seems like last week that the nurses were handing me Cayden for the very first time.  He turned 6 on Saturday.   

We made a deal with Cayden that for his birthday we would take him to see the musical production “Wicked” instead of having a birthday party and we would also go to a indoor play area with his two friends from Mothers group.  He had been pestering us to see wicked for at least 2 months, so this idea went down a treat!  Probably a bit more expensive then a party, but we felt it was more beneficial and certainly less stress on my part!  

Well, we went to see “Wicked” on Thursday night, and whilst he was not well, he still really enjoyed it!  Was a bit loud for him and he was ready to go home at the end of the first act, but he has certainly taken it all in.  

Saturday we popped down to Kidz Digz and they all had a ball and i got to catch up with Penny & Tania…and Darren got to run after Emma!  We had the family over for tea and Cayden’s ice-cream birthday cake.  


Today the gardener came back and finished off the garden…looks SO much better now.  Now just have to keep it looking good.  Just waiting on the new bench top for the kitchen and then we can put the place on the market.