He’s 6 … when did that happen?


Oh man, as the saying goes, how time flys.  It really only seems like last week that the nurses were handing me Cayden for the very first time.  He turned 6 on Saturday.   

We made a deal with Cayden that for his birthday we would take him to see the musical production “Wicked” instead of having a birthday party and we would also go to a indoor play area with his two friends from Mothers group.  He had been pestering us to see wicked for at least 2 months, so this idea went down a treat!  Probably a bit more expensive then a party, but we felt it was more beneficial and certainly less stress on my part!  

Well, we went to see “Wicked” on Thursday night, and whilst he was not well, he still really enjoyed it!  Was a bit loud for him and he was ready to go home at the end of the first act, but he has certainly taken it all in.  

Saturday we popped down to Kidz Digz and they all had a ball and i got to catch up with Penny & Tania…and Darren got to run after Emma!  We had the family over for tea and Cayden’s ice-cream birthday cake.  


Today the gardener came back and finished off the garden…looks SO much better now.  Now just have to keep it looking good.  Just waiting on the new bench top for the kitchen and then we can put the place on the market.


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  1. Happy birthday Cayden, you are growing way to quickly young man! Glad to hear you had a great day:) Hey Mum, is he making you feel older????? Love ya

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