It’s here!


Today we had our new bench for the kitchen installed and we are VERY happy!  I was really worried that the colour wouldn’t match everything else, or that they would break some tiles when taking the old bench out, but it went so well.  Pleased with the result and makes the kitchen look really good.  The only thing that we will need to change is the door handles, they don’t quite work now!  So here is a photo of our new kitchen bench top…

We’ve been given our auction date – 11th October.  So it’s all systems go now, a tad scary!


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  1. Looks very new and clean and shiny lolol. Cant really see the colour or pattern in the photo – can you take a close up of the bench top?
    Exciting news re the auction – Good luck!
    jen H

  2. Looks great Cathy, makes the kitchen look a lot brighter, or is that just the fact that the blind is open….no really it does look great and now you have the joy of waiting for the auction and having strangers walking around your house!!! Good luck with everything:)

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