Yes, that’s right, the house is sold AND before auction AND at a brilliant price!  We are over the moon.

So in the space of a month, we’ve sold the house and found a new house to rent for the next 12 months.  We have a move in date for the new house of 1st November…so 3 weeks.  We are moving to Wyndham Waters to a rental there and we will only be a hop skip and jump away from our block of land.

So I have a heap of packing to do now in 3 weeks i have to pack up 13 years of our life here!  So if I’m not around much, thats why.


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  1. Congratulations on selling so quickly Cathy!!!! I dont envy you the packing up job of 13 years worth of STUFF!! Yahhhhh!! Will Cayden be going to the same school as he is now, when you move to the rental and then when you move to the new place? Hope all goes well with the packing and actual move!

    Jen H

  2. Great news Cathy….did you get the price we talked about???? I don’t envy the packing in three weeks..I so hate packing and then the unpacking but who cares, one thing of the checklist…..

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