Moved…and almost settled!


It’s been a busy month, with the move, the clean up and the unpack and then to have a sick child the first week in the new place.  But, I think we have survived…just!  Now saying that i have a little girl with a temperature fighting some sort of bug tonight and a son that has a shocking cough…but we can blame the unsettled weather for that i think.

Settlement for the house will be early next month, so that will be good.  Then we can concentrate on Christmas and school holidays.

It just seems that everytime i think we can start to settle down, something else rears it’s head and we are flat out again.  December is a busy month for us, with dinner guests every weekend until Christmas, at least this year we are at the PIL’s … don’t have to cook or have a major clean!!!!

I’m beat….I’m off to bed and get my “beauty” sleep.  cough cough


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  1. I like the new design of your blog…looks like you’re getting ready for Christmas. Glad to see your settling in, bummer about Emma being sick and you not feeling the best…..

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