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Nothing happening!


Well the day has come and gone for the slab to be laid … but it didn’t happen, somehow I’m not surprised! The waffles are there as is the metal….but no slab. It was meant to be done by Friday and the frame was meant to start on Monday. Mmmm, me thinks that’s not going to happen!

Anyway, we are off on holidays to the Gold Coast for 10 days, so I will try to forget it and enjoy our time away.

See you all when we get back.


Week #2


Just got off the phone from our CS at Porter Davis and she has told me that the slab is scheduled for pouring on Friday … yes that’s right THIS friday and the frame will start next Monday.  Can you believe it?  I’m finding it hard to keep up!  So when we come back from our 10 days away, it is going to be hugely different to what it is now.

No more photos for the moment, will go down on Friday and take some photos as they are pouring the slab and when it’s done.  How excitement!

We are off up to the Gold Coast on Monday for a 10 day break.  Can’t wait…Cayden is pretty excited about going, dreamworld is high on his list of places to go! (oh Joy!)  It will be nice to have a break and a family holiday, probably our last for a few years!

That’s about it for this week.



We went down to the building site yesterday in the freezing cold to actually have a good look at the work that has been done. We now have water and sewerage pipes sitting up out of the ground and an area for the house, gives us more of an idea about size. Here are some photo’s…

The family in the driveway.

Just love Emma’s smile in this photo…although it’s a bit hard to see here!


Next week we should have the slab down!  It’s all starting to happen…finally!

Yesterday I went down to one of the local nurseries who also do landscaping and we worked out a design for the back and front yards.  It’s going to look pretty good … and I might even end up with a few chooks and a veggie garden.

We have a porta – loo!!!


Well, we have progress…not much, but at least we now have a porta-loo….the men can’t be too far away can they! LOL

We went down yesterday and took a photo of the blank canvas so to speak and took this photo, I will endeavor to give a weekly update of our progress.
block prior to construction 8th June 2009


On to other things…finished my second quilt ever.  Note to self, don’t ever work with flannel again, not fun!  Emma seemed to like the end result and I suppose that’s all that counts!  Popped it on her bed today, she looks very pleased.

Emma's quilt

Think that’s it for today…see you all next week.