We’re Back! – Week 4


Had a great 10 days away, interesting flight up that saw our flight delayed 3 times and then eventually cancelled … let me say it just SO much fun sitting around an airport with 2 children for 6 hours … NOT!  We finally arrived at Brisbane airport around 10:30pm and got down to the gold coast around midnight after hiring a car and getting everything sorted.  Thank god we had already organised accomodation before we left.  Can you imagine sorting something out at midnight?

We had 6 days at the gold coast with overcast weather but temperatures in the low 20’s, so still quite good to be doing things!  Went to Dreamworld!  Oh joy…kids and Darren had a ball, visited Q1 and Currumbin Zoo and on our way up to the Sunshine coast had a look up at Mt Tambourine … I could so easily live there!  Spent 4 days at the Sunshine coast visiting Darren’s cousin Vinnie.  Beautiful weather and really enjoyed the company and area.  On the last day we went to Australia Zoo … fantastic place, the whole family enjoyed it.  We left 25C and arrived to 10C in Melbourne … it was a welcome home with a jolt!


Q1 viewing platform

Q1 viewing platform



Went and visited the block the next day and low and behold we have a house!  They had poured the slab and the frame for the ground floor was done!

Ground Floor

Ground Floor


Today they have completed the top floor, only the roof frame to go now, which according to the plan should be finished by Friday.  It’s all happening!


Top floor frame completed

Top floor frame completed


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  1. Hi Cathy

    Sorry again we missed you. I love Mt Tamborine too. I love both the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast hinterlands. Really lovely places. Glad you liked Australia Zoo too. Its a great place, especially for young kids like ours. Ours are still a bit too young for the other theme parks. I’m sure one day soon they’ll be bugging us to go. Glen sometimes goes with work mates but I’m quite happy to stay at home. I hate those places (except maybe Seaworld). Can’t believe how much they’ve done on your house. Won’t be long now!

    Catch you on the forum.
    Anne xx

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