Week 19 – Nearing the Finish line!


We can start to see the finish line now…the tiling is now complete as of today, the handles on all the doors have been fitted (and look fabulous!), the guttering on the alfresco and garage have been completed, the scaffolding is up for the roof tilers to  come in and do the tiles, the tiles have arrived, the electricians have fitted all the casings and connected all the lights and switches and the heating and cooling vents are in.

Things still to be done;  Shower screens to be installed, glass splash back in kitchen, mirrors in bathroom and ensuite, shelves in cupboards, toilets installed, shower heads and taps to be installed, tiles to be laid on the alfresco and garage, floor to be laid and stained on the balcony, back of front door to be stripped and stained like they should have done in the first place! and I think that covers it!  Wow, when you put it in a list like that, it’s bugger all to be done now!

No photos today as I’ve not been able to get in to take them!  Hopefully we will have a walk through with the site supervisor next week and I can get some photos!


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