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Week 24 – WOOHOO, news at last!


YAY!!!!!  I’ve just received the invoice for our last progress payment for the house and information on our  inspection!  AT LAST!  Inspection should be either end of next week or early the following week and once that’s done we should be looking at settlement a week later.  WOOHOO…that means that we could actually be in for Christmas which would be WONDERFUL!  Have sent the bills off to our bank who told us we then have to wait 10 business days before getting our payment….but that still could get us in time for Christmas….now to hope the the guys laying the floors and carpet can do it by Christmas for us!  Oh so exciting….just about jumping around the living room doing cartwheels (restaining myself but only just…oh and the little matter that I can’t do cartwheels!)


Week 24 – Still Waiting!


Ho Hum, another week gone and still not a date for our inspection!!!  We are still inching closer with little things still being done.  The doors – front and laundry have been replaced, all electrical work is finished and the underside of the balcony is also done.  Our bath is sitting in the top room so they are obviously fixing the tap problem there.  Painting/staining and site clean up are pretty much it now.  Hopefully next week we will have our inspection date and then I’ve got more information to go by for move in dates etc.

Week 23 – Waiting….Waiting (I’m not a patient person!)


Well it’s been another HARD week!   Monday night found out that it’s approx. 2 weeks away before we can do our inspection and then we need to allow another 3 weeks for all the paper work and bank stuff to get done and then that takes us till Christmas week before we get the keys!  Then we need to be able to get the floors carpeted and the floor boards laid.  The likely hood of  us being in for Christmas is not good unfortunately.  But how does that saying go…all good things happen to those that wait?  Mmmmm, I’m waiting (just not so patiently!)

So what has been done this week…glass splash back is in the kitchen and looks good, the garage roller doors front and back have both been installed, The wooden infills above the doors have been done, the floor is down on the balcony and the shower head has been removed to be replaced!  So things have been happening!  From what I can see the things still to be done are the touch up painting and staining of the doors and  balcony floor, clearing and cleaning up the site and some plumbing and electrical work still to be done.  Hopefully next week will be better news and we’ll have a date to do our inspection.

Week 22 – Final Fit outs happening


Oh man, I’m hating this and loving it at the same time!  It’s inching along so damn slowly (hating), but each time something is done we are another step closer (loving)!

Well, since last week, we have the mirrors up, the shower screen’s installed and the framing for the balcony is done.  Sitting in the hallway is the decking for the balcony along with three new doors, two for the front and one for the laundry and this time they will be stained as per our request!!

Spoke to our building supervisor on Monday and he tells us early next week we should be right to go through our inspection…which means the house will be for all intent and purpose finished!  So then we go through it with a fine tooth comb to check for defects and they then get 5 days to fix it.  From then it is a 2 – 3 week wait until settlement.  YAY

Week 21 – Creeping, creeping….


They are certainly getting a move on with more things done in the house this past week.  We now have shelves in the cupboards, door handles on, bath in, taps in, roof on under the alfresco and garage.  In fact from what I can see the things to be done now are; shower screens, floor in the balcony, the glass splash back in the kitchen, the garage roller doors and a few repairs to the painting.  Not much at all!  Photos;

My Pantry now has shelves....I LOVE my pantry (how sad am I!)

My Pantry now has shelves....I LOVE my pantry (how sad am I!)


Walk in Robes...all fitted out now.


Ensuite vanity complete with sinks and tapware