Week 23 – Waiting….Waiting (I’m not a patient person!)


Well it’s been another HARD week!   Monday night found out that it’s approx. 2 weeks away before we can do our inspection and then we need to allow another 3 weeks for all the paper work and bank stuff to get done and then that takes us till Christmas week before we get the keys!  Then we need to be able to get the floors carpeted and the floor boards laid.  The likely hood of  us being in for Christmas is not good unfortunately.  But how does that saying go…all good things happen to those that wait?  Mmmmm, I’m waiting (just not so patiently!)

So what has been done this week…glass splash back is in the kitchen and looks good, the garage roller doors front and back have both been installed, The wooden infills above the doors have been done, the floor is down on the balcony and the shower head has been removed to be replaced!  So things have been happening!  From what I can see the things still to be done are the touch up painting and staining of the doors and  balcony floor, clearing and cleaning up the site and some plumbing and electrical work still to be done.  Hopefully next week will be better news and we’ll have a date to do our inspection.


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