Monthly Archives: December 2009

Week 26 & 27 … Mmmmm!!!!!


Well it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  It’s certainly been a emotional roller coaster for yours truly and we all know how well I handle things out of the blue!!!

So let me catch you up with the comings and goings of the build!  When we last spoke we had been given the hope that we could have keys for Christmas…NOPE!  Then we were told that if we organise our flooring people they would let them in to the house to get their stuff done…NOPE!  Then we were told that the bath would be replaced before Christmas…NOPE!  SOOOO, the upshot is after having a looky poo today is that the painter will be finished Monday, the bath has been delivered and was being installed today along with the shower head.  After speaking to our supervisor, he seems to think that he will be getting his QA done on Wednesday morning and then early January we will be able to do our inspection and then settlement after that.  SO hopefully we will be able to move in mid January…a nice Birthday present for Darren!  Today I organised the fencing and then once we get a settlement date I’ll organise the flooring people…again!

So that’s were we are…lets hope that doesn’t change!


Week 25


If nothing else, this process is teaching me to have some patience and that I can’t always control things…man it’s a hard lesson and a VERY steep learning curve!  Spoke to our supervisor on Monday and he is shooting for a Tuesday inspection.  He is currently waiting on the painter and the plasterer to redo the garage roof.  We’ve had some very heavy rain last week and showed up a serious leak in the roof of the garage, so now that needs to be fixed and the plaster redone and then the painting to be done.  However he did say that we should see some movement on the site with cleanup meant to be happening and the porta-loo and fence being removed.

So armed with this information we have booked in the carpet people for the 18th Dec and then we will hope to get the floors done at the same time.  Hopefully that will mean we can move in on the Monday of Christmas week…man it’s cutting it fine!