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Where did the weekend go?


Wow, it’s been a busy weekend.  We’ve accomplished lots though.  We had bark and gravel delivered on Saturday to put down in the front and backyards.  We thought we’d lay down bark for the time being until we work out what we want done with the yards and how we want the gardens to go.  This way it will at least suppress the weeds a bit!

Front of house with driveway and bark done

I was also able to paint feature walls on 4 walls completely and 3 walls with a first coat of paint.  So tomorrow I need to paint the the top coat of paint on the 3 walls and also do our bedroom wall.  I am knackered!  Here are some photos;

Family room - with two happy little campers!

Cayden's feature wall

Emma's feature wall - still to have green stripes painted!

My craft room feature wall - it's bright!

I asked Cayden to take a photo of the feature walls for me…this is his effort!

Cayden's photo of feature wall! 🙂


We have the KEYS!!!!


What a day!  We are home owners once again…a little over 2 years since we put a deposit on the house.  Most of that was waiting on the land, PD was the last 6 mths.  Now we have keys, it doesn’t matter anymore!  What a relief.

Now the real work starts!  They started putting up the back fence today, meant to be finished tomorrow, the rest of the fence is meant to be done next week.  Tomorrow we are getting gravel and bark delivered, and we are pulling a few favours to get that spread out.  I’ll be busy painting some feature walls over the weekend before the flooring and carpet go down next week.  All the appliances are fitted on Friday and then we move on Saturday.  Next week is going to be a blur!

Turning the key to our new home.

The kids are pretty excited…as are we!

Settlement Day – Friday!!!!!


Yay we finally have a settlement date!

Friday is D Day, we get to hand over money and get some keys!!!!  Then we go into overdrive!  Painting of some feature walls on the weekend, floor boards, carpet and fence all go up the following week and the 5th is installation day of the appliances where I have to be at the house from 7 to 5…wont that be a fun day.  Well at least I’ll have lots to keep me active!  Then on the 6th we move in.

Bring it on!



We had our last dinner party at this house last night, so it was time to get serious about the packing!  The kids rooms and their toys are already down to the bare minimum.  We did the master bedroom and clothes a few days ago.  Today I got stuck into the kitchen…the biggest amount of  packing in any house!  Tomorrow we will do the bathrooms, laundry and lounge rooms and I’ll do my desk.  Then we should be pretty much packed until the day before we actually move, then I’ll completely pack up!

We also have our Inspection for the house tomorrow and with any luck we can have settlement too!  WOOHOO, new house here we come!!!

Settlement here we come….


Today we received the Occupancy permit which allows us to live in the house, I’ll send that to the bank today and we’ve been told we can get the cheque tomorrow.  We are having our walk through on Monday and providing we don’t find too many issue we could even have the settlement on Monday.  AT LAST!!!!!

Off to do the happy dance now!



Thought it would be a good day today to get out and stop packing for the day!  Scienceworks is on the top of Cayden’s top 10 places to go, so we thought that we’d go there today.

We first had lunch at Hungry Jacks – a rarity in this household!  Geez I hate fast food like that, it tasted like cardboard and went through you like a dose of salts if you get my drift!  Anyway the kids loved it and we headed down to Scienceworks.  There were cars everywhere and I thought we were in for a crowded time, but thankfully it wasn’t too bad.  They had an exhibition on transport and also on toys, so right up the kids alley!

Cayden trying to load the cartons on to balance the ship

Heave Ho!

Emma and the Hula Hoops

Lots of fun had by all … home for Spaghetti Bolognese.

Quick update on the house…the brickies have been to touch up the few problems, the concrete around the house have all been clean and cleared up (looks heaps better!) and cracks have been filled.  Windows still to be replaced and a few other little bits to be done.  PD are having the QA on Friday and then we do our walk through on Monday and if all goes to plan our settlement will be the following Monday.  Getting closer!

AT LAST!!!!!!!!


Almost finished!

Not long off the phone from our new Building Supervisor and he has given us at last an idea of when we can expect to move!

We are currently looking at a inspection date of the 25th January and then settlement will be on the 1st of Feb.  Then I can get the carpet and flooring guys in that week and we will move on the 6th Feb.  That’s if we can get everything organised around those dates.

The bath issue has been fixed, and the tiler came today to fix the tile issue and now they are waiting on the person who seals it all up.  once that is done PD will be able to get the certificate of occupancy which then can be give to the bank…almost 2 months after the initial request!!!

So the plan is to pack this house late next week before Darren goes back to work and then it is only about a week and a half that we need to live with very few belongings out!  I’ll be sick of the clothes that are  left by then!

So much to get organised now…but how exciting!  Mind you I won’t believe it until the keys are finally in my hands!