Happy 2010.


Well, what does the new year hold in store for us?  It will be interesting this time 2011 to look back over the year and see what exactly has happened!

Lets hope that we will be in the new house sometime this month.  With Darren having almost 4 weeks off, we would really like to be able to move in over this time!  The way I see it, we should be able to do our inspection this coming week and then settlement the following week.  Then we can organise the carpet and floor boards to go down and then we can move…well that’s how it would be in an ideal world…will see once I speak my my contact at Porter Davis on Monday!!!!

New Years Resolution…do you make them?  I normally don’t, but this year I think I will make an effort to start living a more simple life.  Start being more aware of our surrounds, stay home a little more, go back to the ways of our grandparents of bottling, preserves, growing our vegies and making do.  Be more content with just being…not trying to fill our lives with stuff, whether that be material “stuff” or filling our time in with doing things that just don’t matter.  Be more conscious of consumerism, teaching the kids how to be more aware of money and not having to have to latest just because so and so has it.  I read recently a quote that I love..”I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life” (Henry David Thoreau)  This is how I want to live my life, I don’t want to die wondering if I could have got any more out of life.


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