A day at the Farm


Today we went and visited my Dad out at the farm.  The kids had a ball…all of this space and SO much to see!  They got to say hello to the “evil” kittens (they are a tad wild!) and they waved to the puppy dog from a good distance (not really a kid friendly dog) and got to pat the old horse…but pat was all we did, no riding thank you!  Also checked out the cows … cows are good at a distance!  Dad is building an extension to the old farm house.  A new kitchen, after 40 plus years of the kitchen being in an enclosed back porch and a new bathroom…they might actually get a shower and then a wrap around verandah.  It will be fantastic when it’s done.  Will certainly bring it up to date a bit!

Emma and Cayden found some umbrellas that Arlene had on display…they thought they were pretty cool.

Emma and the Umbrella

Cayden showing Emma how it is done!

It was nice an quiet on the trip home…Emma fell asleep not long after leaving the farm.  That country air is pretty good!!! 🙂


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