Melbourne Zoo Visit


Thought it might be a good day to get out of the house whilst the temperatures were not too bad and take the kids to the Zoo.  Man it was packed…and we all know how much I love crowds!  But we survived and the kids had a ball.  We took along a picnic of impossible pie and some yummy biscuits to nibble on and spent a good 3 hours checking out all the aminals (as Emma calls them and Cayden too when he was her age!)  The reptiles are always a big hit with Cayden, but even Emma got right into them this visit.  Em wasn’t too keen on the Gorillas…didn’t even want to touch the statue of one!  Cayden was pretty bummed out that they didn’t have any scorpions, but he did get to see a red back and a tarantula.

Mmmm, interesting photo!!!

We saw the new seal and penguin enclosure…it is really good.  The seals even have their own inbuilt wave pool!



We hope to make our visits more often this year…we can avoid the crowds then!


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