Week 30 – an Update…finally!


Well, we have finally talked to Porter Davis who have given us more of an update today.  Darren went to the house whilst the new BS was there and had a “chat”!  It seems that the plumbers who put the “new” bath in, actually put the old bath in, the one with the dirty big CRACK!  (I had suspected this as the new shiny one was sitting in our family room!)  Fricking idiots!  Now the plumbers don’t start back at work until next Thursday and they already have a load of things to get done for PD…so not sure when we will get that done!  Other then that minor stuff up, there are a few doors that are sticking a bit, the shelf in the cupboard in the guest room needs to be lowered as we can’t get anything up on it as it is too high, some beading needs to go on the staircase to finish it off, the powder room tap ware needs to be changed, the glass in 90% of the windows needs to be replaced as it has been badly scratched and then some minor cleaning and painting needs to be done.  I’m seriously not expecting to be in by the time school goes back!  Oh well at least Darren can enjoy his holidays!!!  Got to look for that silver lining!


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