AT LAST!!!!!!!!


Almost finished!

Not long off the phone from our new Building Supervisor and he has given us at last an idea of when we can expect to move!

We are currently looking at a inspection date of the 25th January and then settlement will be on the 1st of Feb.  Then I can get the carpet and flooring guys in that week and we will move on the 6th Feb.  That’s if we can get everything organised around those dates.

The bath issue has been fixed, and the tiler came today to fix the tile issue and now they are waiting on the person who seals it all up.  once that is done PD will be able to get the certificate of occupancy which then can be give to the bank…almost 2 months after the initial request!!!

So the plan is to pack this house late next week before Darren goes back to work and then it is only about a week and a half that we need to live with very few belongings out!  I’ll be sick of the clothes that are  left by then!

So much to get organised now…but how exciting!  Mind you I won’t believe it until the keys are finally in my hands!


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