Thought it would be a good day today to get out and stop packing for the day!  Scienceworks is on the top of Cayden’s top 10 places to go, so we thought that we’d go there today.

We first had lunch at Hungry Jacks – a rarity in this household!  Geez I hate fast food like that, it tasted like cardboard and went through you like a dose of salts if you get my drift!  Anyway the kids loved it and we headed down to Scienceworks.  There were cars everywhere and I thought we were in for a crowded time, but thankfully it wasn’t too bad.  They had an exhibition on transport and also on toys, so right up the kids alley!

Cayden trying to load the cartons on to balance the ship

Heave Ho!

Emma and the Hula Hoops

Lots of fun had by all … home for Spaghetti Bolognese.

Quick update on the house…the brickies have been to touch up the few problems, the concrete around the house have all been clean and cleared up (looks heaps better!) and cracks have been filled.  Windows still to be replaced and a few other little bits to be done.  PD are having the QA on Friday and then we do our walk through on Monday and if all goes to plan our settlement will be the following Monday.  Getting closer!


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