We have a completed house!


WOW, so much has happened since we took possession of the house!

Today we have the laminate floor boards being finished, the carpet being laid and the fence being done.  Such excitement!  It’s all coming together nicely!  We  had a small hic-up yesterday with the laminate floor boards.  We originally bought our boards back in May 09 and we got the people who sold us the flooring to measure off the plans for how much we would need…mmmm, seems they miscalculated by 5 boxes worth!  And of course that flooring type and colour are no longer made!  So after a mad dash to the floor board people I’ve been able to get some boards that are similar that will be put into the pantry and hopefully we won’t see too much of a difference.  It seems that some things just have to go wrong!  (And after all of that running around, they were able to not use the boxes that I bought yesterday…hope I can get a refund!)

Family Room flooring + Emma!

Looking from dining area into theatre room complete with carpet.

Kitchen looking into pantry

And darling Emma...complete with a grotty face!


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  1. Well I have been waiting for another update, but everytime I come to the blog I just keep laughing my head off at ‘procession’ gotta love it!

    • You know…I’ve been looking at that word since I typed it, thinking, it’s not right, but couldn’t work it out! Blond moment!

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