Busy, Busy, Busy


Well it’s been a busy few weeks, a few trips to the dentist for me…1 filling 1 root canal and 4 more fillings to go!  JOY!  Did I tell you I have a real fear of the dentist…not good!

We have started toilet training with Em, it’s a slow process, but she is getting what to do…so hopefully we will get there sooner then later.  It’s all a bit hard when you’re out and about too.  Although this week has been a little quieter…and hopefully it will stay that way.

Today we had installed a blind for the family room, it looks really good and will look fantastic when I finally get my butt into gear and do the curtains!  I’ve decided that I will do both sets of curtains when I go away on my sewing weekend with the girls at the end of next month.  It will be a sewing a scrapping long weekend.  Hanging out for some time out just for me.

I’ve been making sure I take a bit of time out for me and have been doing some scrapping.  Here are my latest pages;


Footy - Saints

2009 - Playgroup

Big Girl Bed

1234 ... Hi-5


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