Decking going in.


This weekend we have started to get our front deck organised.  We are decking the front porch and making a pathway to the mailbox all decked.  The pathway is going to be raised and our front garden is going to be a native garden themed around a dry creek bed.  So under the raised path I will be growing different ground covers that will spill over the path.  It’s all very exciting.  The holes are dug, the framework for the porch is almost finished.  Tomorrow we (meaning Darren and his Dad!) are finishing the framework and cementing the posts in as well as doing to framework for the path.

The kids are having a ball, playing outside and making up games!

Driving, Cayden, Emma and Lucy!

Digging the holes ... go go Darren!

The frame for the front porch...almost done.

It’s going to look so good!


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