The best laid plans…


Well we haven’t got our decking finished yet!  Darren and FIL went down to Mitre 10 to get the rest of the decking and they don’t have the lengths we need to do it, so off to Bunnings and they have to specially order it in!   SOOOO…we finished what we could today and we will order the timber in and hopefully finish it next weekend!  In the mean time we are getting the driveway laid starting tomorrow…it’s all coming together slowly but surely!

Path to mailbox.

To other news today, Auskick started.  Dad and son or Coach and player went off this morning leaving me to finish off some of the decking!  (Was good fun actually not counting getting blown away by the wind!)  Cayden’s friend also joined him so he was pretty chuffed about that…and the fact that he gets Dad as his coach this year!

Coach and player!

Cayden ready for Auskick

Man Cayden looks grown up in this photo!


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